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FA was established in 1980, and is proud to be family owned and operated. For nearly 40 years, FA has developed a range of products to offer our customers with absolute confidence of their quality and reliability.

FA manufactures and distributes solar powered roof attic ventilator fans, wind driven turbine ventilators, water purification systems, poly-carbonate tubular skylights and etc. All FA installers are required to complete a certified installation course, and use only the highest quality materials. Moreover, all FA works carry a guarantee, and its service, customer relations, and your satisfaction is always our priority.

FA has been in these industries for many years. FA is now a major name in air ventilation and water purification industries. FA has a client list which includes those top names in every industry sector. FA supplies and installs in nearly every state in Malaysia, and also an exporter. FA has not only increased its client list exponentially over the years, but also boasts of a high percentage of repeat order customers which gives ample evidence that FA brand of product’s reliability and acceptance with its customers.  

FA headquarter is located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Contact FA +6018-282 1828 now for more details. FA friendly support team will make sure you find the right products and services at the right price.

FA Products And Services


Air Ventilation Systems

Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator Fans, Wind Driven Turbine Ventilators, and Air Vents. 

Water Purification Systems

Indoor and Outdoor Water Filters, Commercial, Drinking Water Vending Machines, Filters and Accessories.

FA Indoor Products

General Inquiry +6018-282 1828

FA Outdoor Products

General Inquiry +6018-282 1828

FA Commercial

General Inquiry +6018-282 1828

FA Drinking Water Vending Machine

General Inquiry +6018-282 1828

FA Filters & Accessories

General Inquiry +6018-282 1828


Poly-carbonate Tubular Skylights.


Rain Water Management

Metal Rainwater Gutter Systems available in Stainless Steel and Galvanized Iron, Flashings, Cappings and Accessories. 

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09.08.2021 16:44

Nasir Daud, Kota Bharu

Thanks FA Ventilation for the great customer service and the quick response over the weekend even when it wasn't an emergency. You guys always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right!

26.06.2021 07:46

James Stewart, Bangsar

Excellent and fast delivery install. Unit GER-45 has been on roof for 3 days. House feels more comfortable particular on 2nd floor. Well done FA!

26.06.2021 07:40

Anwar, Port Dickson

I would highly recommend FA. Kyle was friendly, efficient and very professional. FA solar photovoltaic PV system has exceeded all of our expectations and the entire staff was great from start to end!

02.12.2020 14:31

Roslee Ahmad, Bukit Jelutong

I’ve never had a problem with FA' work. Always prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable about their air ventilation industry. They sell and service great products.

14.02.2020 14:03

Hamdan Ghani, Pasir Mas

Great quality of FA Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator Fan, at a great pricing! Great service, very professional, and excellent communication too!

06.02.2020 07:45

Ramesh, Sungai Petani

Excellent service and response! Feel great with the expertise, and promptness of FA Ventilation Systems!

05.02.2020 08:13

Harun, Tasek Gelugor

Knowledgeable, quick delivery, competitive pricing & superb quality of FA Ventilation Systems.

04.02.2020 14:24

CL Teo, Ipoh

Excellent FA Ventilation Systems and services. I love the product, and it has performed very well to date.

07.01.2020 14:52

Yik, Petaling Jaya

Thanks FA for the great customer service and the quick response over the weekend even when it wasn't an emergency. FA guys always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right!

30.11.2019 08:19

Azmi, Port Klang

It was great success as FA has a good team of people right from when the initial consultation starts, through the design process, project sign-off and installation of wind turbine ventilators on site.

26.10.2019 16:10

Zairin Ibrahim, Shah Alam

Great service, very professional, and excellent communication. I'm very pleased with FA solar photovoltaic PV system.

10.07.2019 13:32

Ian Charles, Singapore

Thank you FA Ventilation Systems for a professional installation. (1) on-time, (2) on-budget, and (3) four superb solar roof ventilators, all operating perfectly.

10.07.2019 13:25

Karen Chong, Ipoh

Very happy with the installation of 2 nos FA Solar Roof Ventilator GER-W45! It was performed quickly and efficiently - a very neat job was done.

04.06.2019 13:50

CL Teo, Cheras

FA did a great job with installing 2 nos GER-W45 solar roof ventilator fan at my attic. Superb product, service and advice! The installation was hassle free!

04.06.2019 02:12

Kyrul Husni, Alor Setar

Thanks FA Ventilation for the great customer service and the quick response over the weekend even when it wasn't an emergency. You guys always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right!

19.05.2019 08:43

Farid Kamil, Kuala Terengganu

Thanks FA Ventilation Systems for the great product i.e. solar roof attic ventilator fan GER-W45 + service I had received. At right price, and on time. Love your work guys.

18.04.2019 09:01

Terry Tang, Kota Bharu

The FA solar roof attic ventilator fans work as is it supposed to. It is extremely quiet, as I cannot even hear it operate. My roof attic is cooler than it would be without it. I am satisfied with FA.

02.04.2019 08:01

Tasha Shila, Melawati KL

Best ventilator guys around! We are super pleased with their fast response and great work! We highly recommend them to everyone!

02.03.2019 14:01

CK Printing Hub Sdn Bhd, Batu Berendam

Great Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator Fan, professional people. I would recommend FA to anyone. They are top notch!

23.02.2019 14:08

Dr. Gerald Wang, Kota Tinggi

Effective, efficient, professional, competitively priced.

16.02.2019 04:27

Nasri, Kamunting

I want to especially thank Kyle Chan. This young man was friendly, and did a good job. Appreciate Kyle & FA Ventilation Systems indeed!

04.02.2019 02:44

Ranjit Ajit, Petaling Jaya

FA, came and did quality work, and was very informative. The price was in line with our budget. Thank you FA for your great work.

03.02.2019 07:54

Rosman Hamzah, Arau

FA is the only air ventilation systems company that I would recommend. The Sales Engineer i.e. Kyle C is honest and very qualified.

27.01.2019 10:37

Ming Yue Ng, Singapore

I was impressed by the level of attention I was given by FA. I was surprised FA didn't try to sell me a newer model. Instead, FA worked hard to keep the model I have now running. Appreciate FA indeed!

25.01.2019 13:29

Victor Wong, Butterworth

FA went above and beyond what I expected in friendliness, service and installation. Thanks FA! Great service! Highly recommend!

22.01.2019 13:21

1828, USJ Heights

Great, professional people! Everyone I spoke with was very polite and easy to deal with. Very knowledgeable of every aspect of what we needed. I would recommend FA to anyone!

22.01.2019 13:10

Daniel Chan, Georgetown

Outstanding customer service and very professional. From the first contact calling in until the installation of solar ventilators were done, FA's customer service is the best I have ever experienced.

19.01.2019 10:42

Rizal Mansor, Kota Bharu

After trying a few other companies I got it right with FA! I was very pleased with the urgency, the service, the expertise, and the explanation of all questions that I asked. Thanks FA ~

09.01.2019 13:29

Omar Sharif, Muadzam Shah

I had an issue with my ventilator on a Sunday and was able to have a Technician come and repair for me. This is the 2nd time I have used FA and they have been professional and courteous each time!

06.01.2019 08:32

Felton Industries Sdn Bhd, Kuala Selangor

Best air ventilation systems around! We are super pleased with FA fast responses, great works, and excellent products. We highly recommend FA to everyone all the time!

06.01.2019 08:28

Grace Law, Ampang KL

FA Ventilation Systems and Technicians were fantastic! Superb solar powered roof ventilator, top notch customer service and they did a great job. Highly recommend FA.

04.01.2019 02:42

Mohd Husain (Senawang, NS)

This is the 3rd time I have used FA and they have been professional and courteous each time. Great air ventilation systems, and services too!

02.01.2019 13:29

Sree Ganesh, Alor Gajah

Superior service and excellent response ~ Feel great with the expertise, and promptness of FA Ventilation Systems!

02.01.2019 13:24

Wynne Lee, Kota Kemuning

Thanks FA for great customer service & quick response over the weekend even when it wasn't an emergency. You guys always go above and beyond to make sure the job is done right.

01.01.2019 13:55

Khairul Amri, Bangi

I can't thank FA and the Sales Engineer Virence_Chan enough for meeting my needs with installation of FA wind turbine roof ventilators!

30.12.2018 16:33

Petra Technologies Sdn Bhd, Kemaman

Appreciate FA VENTILATION SYSTEMS, for its excellent works & products i.e solar powered roof ventilators.

25.10.2018 13:10

Albert Tiong, Subang Jaya

The installation of FA solar ventilation systems into my home has made a HUGE difference. Excellent product indeed!

15.10.2018 13:30

Nordiana Shafie, Changlun

I would like to thank FA, and their Engineers, for their first-rate work in installing the solar powered ventilators in my factory. Both Engineers were polite, professional, efficient, neat and tidy!

14.10.2018 12:42

Azizul Hasni, Kuantan

Wonderful FA company, communication was excellent and flexibility in scheduling was great. I would highly recommend! Keep up the great work!

06.10.2018 07:56

Wisetech Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Bayan Lepas

FA was informative, gave us a very fair price, and skylights were installed on time. I am very happy with FA works and it has improved overall lighting in our factory and warehouse.

04.10.2018 15:07

Kathleen Wong (Miri, Sarawak)

I’m really glad that I have a new FA water filter to make sure every single drop is now even safer for my family.

04.10.2018 10:31

Isaac Teng, Kulim

For people who are looking for a fuss-free, compact yet efficient outdoor water filter. FA water systems are ideal for everyday use in drinking, cooking and also cleaning!

27.09.2018 13:23

Siva Ramanathan, Muar

FA did a great job with installing 4 nos solar powered ventilators at my workshop, and FA offered great service and advice and the installation was hassle free. Highly recommend to anyone!

26.09.2018 03:01

HLT Motors 3S Centre, Kemaman

My staffs / walk-in customers are delighted with the solar ventilator that FA installed as air circulation issue at my 3S Centre seems to have been fixed. Thanks for FA help.

24.09.2018 04:11

Azizan Ozman, Kuala Terengganu

At temperatures of 33 - 38 degrees outside i do not need the air conditioner at all! FA ventilator, a great product!

23.09.2018 06:39

Michael Angelo's Pizza, Ipoh

Installing FA wind turbine ventilators totally changed our kitchen and pantry from being hot and stuffy to well-ventilated and comfortable. All FA wind turbine ventilators work perfectly.

21.09.2018 13:32

KT Chong, Sungai Petani

3 units FA 40-watt solar powered roof attic ventilator. Only been in the house for few weeks but very good so far.

20.09.2018 13:27

Datin Lee, Ipoh

My recent installation of a FA solar ventilator seems to have been the solution to my problem! No more stuffy and a much healthier environment to live in. I am delighted with the results.

20.09.2018 02:42

Razif Ismail, Tampoi (Johor)

The FA ventilator is very efficient and does exactly what it said it would do. It is very good in value. Also, the FA Sales Engineer i.e. Virence Chan is very helpful and easy to deal with.

20.09.2018 02:32

Teo, Bandar Utama

I am very happy with FA solar ventilator. It is a very effective ventilation system, and a good investment indeed.

10.09.2018 04:39

Syamsul Yusof, Shah Alam

Appreciate your fast response on all my orders.

09.09.2018 19:19

Coral Alliance Sdn Bhd

High level of professionalism!

04.09.2018 14:42

Mahathir Mohd (Alor Setar)

Always been very happy with FA's service-excellent.

02.09.2018 00:52

Duncan Goh, Port Dickson

FA is prompt, helpful and professional indeed!

31.08.2018 14:41

Kumar, Puchong

Very courteous and helpful! This is why I continue to support FA. Excellent products & people, inseparable!

30.08.2018 05:35

Siti Zaharah

Quick delivery, competitive pricing and hassle-free!

29.08.2018 14:19

KAB Builders Sdn Bhd

It's a pleasure dealing with FA that has real people in the technical support. They were most helpful.

29.08.2018 03:00

Rafdi Rashid

Very impressed with FA. Great quality of Solar Powered Ventilator 40w at a great cost.

25.08.2018 15:15

Lee Jae Myung, Korea

The FA tech support staff was awesome! Very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. They helped me pick out the correct product, and did not talk down to me in spite of my lack of technical expertise.

25.08.2018 13:18

Hasmah Bt Abdullah

Knowledgeable staff, quick delivery, competitive pricing & superb quality of FA's ventilation systems.

25.08.2018 10:08

PG-Schultz, Malaysia

Outstanding customer services. Very knowledgeable tech supports.

24.08.2018 16:29

Juvel Lau

FA is absolutely flawless! Excellent products and services. I love the product, and it has performed very well to date.