Solar Photovoltaic PV System


With the rise of electricity and its operating costs, business owners from different industries are seeking solutions to mitigate it. This is where FA comes in. With core competencies in formulating and delivering solar photovoltaic solutions, armed with the vast project experiences, FA is the right partner for your energy project.

Solar Photovoltaic PV Energy Solutions


Solar Photovoltaic PV Energy solutions offered by FA as follow:


Net Energy Metering (or, NEM)

The concept of NEM is that the energy produced from the solar photovoltaic PV system installed will be consumed first, and any excess to be exported and sold to the distribution licensee (such as TNB /SESB ) at the prevailing Displaced Cost prescribed by the Energy Commission. This scheme is applicable to all domestic, commercial and industrial sectors as long as they are the customers of TNB (Peninsular Malaysia) or SESB (Sabah and FT Labuan).

Concept of Net Energy Metering (or, NEM)

The more energy generated from the solar photovoltaic PV system is self-consumed; the more NEM consumers can save their electricity bills (by reducing the electricity imported from the utility). This is especially relevant for consumers that fall under the high electricity tariff block. The priority is for self-consumption, however some premises especially industry or manufacturing companies which may not be operating during the weekends may have excess energy exported to the grid. The credit shall be allowed to roll over for a maximum of 24 months and net-off at prevailing Displaced Cost. By generating their own clean energy, consumer will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission, hence reducing the carbon foot print and mitigating climate change.

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