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FA Solar Powered Roof Ventilator


1. Difference(s) in between FA solar powered roof ventilator and conventional wind turbine roof ventilator?


FA solar powered roof ventilator is approximately 15 times more powerful than any brand of conventional wind turbine roof ventilator (e.g. LomanGo, ForestWin, AustinVen and etc). This is because FA solar powered roof ventilator is an active ventilation system, and it’s powered by solar (or, sunlight) which activates its advanced brushless DC motor to run its fan blades. Comparatively, the conventional wind turbine roof ventilator which is passive, and powered by the wind which is less effective. A hot day means strong sunray but not necessarily strong wind. Mostly, it’s vice versa – strong wind, with chilly weather. 


2. How long it takes to install a unit of FA solar powered roof ventilator?


Approximately an hour is required.


3. Is it working at night?


FA solar powered roof ventilator works during day time from 7 am to 7 pm whenever there is source of heat. We don’t find the necessity to have it works at night as the heat has been exhausted out by FA solar powered roof ventilator during day time. You feel hot at night time mainly due to heat being trapped in the attic space during day time, and it flows down to the living space during night time (or, during temperature is low at the living space).


4. How to know does it functioning?


You can look at the fan blades during day time via manhole, or you definately can feel the different (i.e. effectiveness and efficeincy of FA solar powered roof ventilator, in precise) before and after installation. 


5. What is the warranty period?


25 years warranty from its date of purchase. 


6. Can modify it, and add-on a power adapter in order to make it functioning at night time?


To add-on a power adopter for 24 hours usage is possible. Nevertheless, it is highly not encouraged by FA to force its DC motor to run in this way.


7. Does FA solar powered roof ventilator works during rainy day(s)?


Yes, as long as there is sunlight. However, sunlight intensity is lesser compare to hot day. Hence, its fan blades will move slightly slower. Anyway, heat build up at attic spece is lesser too during rainy day(s).


8. Is there any cost of maintenance to be incurred in near future?


Zero cost of maintenance as its solar panel is self cleanable by rain water. Also, please do not hesitate to contact FA Customer Care hotline +6018-282 1828 for cleaning and checking of its solar panel, fan blades and other electrical parts every 5 years, for free! 


9. After opening louver(s) at the ceiling, will the heat trapped in the attic space pass through plaster ceiling go down into rooms?


Teoritically, hot air / heat will rise up, and cold air will go down. Especially after installing the FA solar powered roof ventilator, you have nothing to worry at all. 


10. I am afraid of roof leakage after install! 


We have a team of Engineers / Installers (which are hired under our Associated Company i.e. FA Metal Works) with 40+ years experience in roofing works. They are specialists in providing roof leakage solutions throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Anyhow, 3 years roof leakage warranty are granted to you from its date of purchase. 


11. Can FA solar powered roof ventilator be installed on all roof tiles?


Yes, with the exception of RC slab and glass.


12. Will my air-cond being exhausted out after opening louver / air vent at my ceiling?


Teoritically, hot air / heat will rise up, and cold air will go down. Since those hot air / heat near to the ceiling are being exhausted out through the louver, your air-cond will take shorter time & lesser energy to cool down the room temperatture. Many proven cases where existing users of FA solar powered roof ventilator feel satisfied with it.

1x FA Solar Powered Roof Ventilator Is Better Than / Equivalent to 15x Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators

FA Wind Turbine Roof Ventilator


1. What is FA wind turbine roof ventilator made of?


-  High grade 304 Stainless Steel; or


-  The fan blades are made of high grade Aluminium, while top cover is Zinc coated steel, and remaining structure is Galvanized Iron.


2. Are FA wind turbine roof ventilator noisy?


It is noiseless. 


3. What happens when the wind stops blowing?


The vents still rotate on secondary source i.e. heat generated within the shed premise(s). The tendency of hot air is to move up (stack effect). This hot air hits the fins of the fan and helps it rotate. 


4. How much will this actually cool my shed premise(s)?


The design enables the ventilator to be activated by natural convection from the inside of the building and also allows it to be assisted by the wind outside. Wind creates a flow of air through the throat of the turbine to enhance extraction. Users of FA wind turbine roof ventilator continually report reduced stress and increased productivity due to a healthier working environment.


This is not a temperature reducing device. No one can guarantee the amount of heat reduction. This device is an air exchanger.


5. What size turbine will I need?


Please refer to Schedule X.


6. How long do FA wind turbine roof ventilator last?


We provide 20 years warranty. But our FA wind turbine roof ventilators are working effortlessly at many of our client premises for more than 20 years. 


7. What if the blades break?


We do crimping at the edges to protect the fan from transit damage and bird hits.


8. Can the turbine be re-sited?




9. Can it be installed on both metal and tiled roofs?


Yes, with the exception of RC slab and glass. For RC slab / concrete roof, a provision needs to be made during construction to ensure ventilators to be installed without any leaks. Else side duct can be made on which ventilators can be mounted on it. 


10. What maintenance is required for the wind turbine roof ventilator?


100% maintenance free, and no operating cost since it runs on wind power. 


11. How do I choose between the listed models of wind turbine roof ventilator?


Larger size of wind turbine roof ventilators require consistent higher winds speed to rotate. Over the years, it has been noticed that wind turbine roof ventilators with its diameter of 18, 21, and 23 inches are ideal for Malaysia. 


12. Do we need to cover roof turbines during raining season?


Roof turbines do not need to be covered when it rains. The spinning of the turbine shoots the rain away from the openings.


13. Why should we consider FA wind turbine roof ventilator among those others available in the market?




FA wind turbine roof ventilators are an imported product, manufactured under strict quality control systems. The turbine vent is technically superior to other fans made domestically and abroad, one due to incorporation of US technology vis-a-vis advanced US bearing with minimal friction resulting in high RPM and consequent more extraction of hot air.




The FA wind turbine roof ventilators are made of high grade aluminum, and other material used in it passes through strict quality control. FA wind turbine roof ventilators have been giving trouble free performance for a long time (up to 20 years) due to its construction.




We believe in ethically servicing customer needs and ensuring customer delight.




We are providing technically superior FA wind turbine roof ventilators at a very economical price. This is due to the large volumes.


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